About Me

Rudolf is the Founder of the largest web3/blockchain/crypto ecosystem in the Netherlands: the BCNL Foundation, with hundreds of associated organizations and thousands of connected professionals. He is also the organizer of major events such as the Dutch Blockchain Week, NFTx, Dutch Blockchain Days and international trade missions among other things.

At he is Co-founder and the CEO while at AIX21 he is the Managing Director.

As a serial entrepreneur, networker and matchmaker, he has a strong collective of strategic partners, investors, human capital and fellow entrepreneurs in his global network. Throughout the years he founded several successful businesses, organizations and international alliances. Besides that, Rudolf is involved as investor and advisor with multiple startups.

“Emerging technologies are disrupting existing business models, society and our workforce. Via various initiatives, I create awareness for the opportunities we have to design solutions that add value and guide us to a future of global prosperity. I’m driven by building meaningful relationships and networks, delivering solutions and facilitating collaborations. Putting ideas into action.

I’m applying successful solutions for human capital, partnerships and funding in organizations, with a passion for (decentralized) technologies, social impact and sustainability.

I’m very positive minded and execute on the opportunities I spot.As a social entrepreneur, I love communities and co-creations.”