About Me

Right after completing my B.B.A. studies, in 2012, I became involved in recruitment with my client Aperol Spritz, the famous aperitif from the Campari Group. This was part of a large-scale branding campaign in the Benelux, where I was operationally responsible for the full hiring process of various teams. It was a challenge to take on the role of an inexperienced hiring manager and, within a short timeframe, become budget responsible and operationally interview, hire, and contract 30 new colleagues. I found this challenge and achievement particularly rewarding.

Hence, the following year I joined an international recruitment agency in Amsterdam, situated in the Zuidas area. Over a span of 3.5 years, I acquired significant knowledge in the field and gained insights into the market. Following this period of growth and two promotions, I founded a recruitment boutique in 2015. Here, I collaborate with leading organizations in the technology, financial sector, e-commerce, startups and large companies to provide them with high-quality talent.

Additionally, my activities in the blockchain and crypto industry have led to various clients in the web3 sector. Building strong teams in a strategic manner brings me great satisfaction. I am driven to work with talented individuals and devise creative solutions in an inspiring atmosphere, which motivates me daily.

As a natural entrepreneur, networker and matchmaker, I have a strong collective of technologists, influencers, strategic partners, investors, human capital and fellow entrepreneurs in my global network. Throughout the years I have founded several successful businesses, non-profit organizations and international alliances. Besides that, I’m involved as an investor and advisor with multiple startups. My large established international network and extensive experience are valuable assets and help me every day, but I find it important to keep learning.

In addition to my passion for people and culture, I enjoy organizing events, building communities, and staying updated on the latest technological developments. I am an enthusiastic sports lover and actively participate in tennis, hockey, and golf. Although originally from Maastricht, I currently reside in Amsterdam with my fiancée. Family, friends, nature, and animals are important in life to me.

Current activities: 

  • Global Talent Acquisition Specialist @ AIX21 (REC4IT)

    AIX21 is a provider of recruitment and mediation, through interim, RPO and intermediary. We help organizations build success and culture-driven human capital by attracting top talent from the market. We have strong expertise and experience in talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention.

  • Founder and board member @ BCNL Foundation

    BCNL is the largest web3/blockchain/crypto ecosystem in the Netherlands, with hundreds of associated organizations and thousands of connected professionals. We’re organizer of major events such as the Dutch Blockchain Week, NFTx, Dutch Blockchain Days and international trade missions among other things.

  • Co-founder @ provides non-custodial ETH staking infrastructure. Hardware, software and maintenance. We’re helping to decentralize and secure Ethereum while providing ETH delegators with staking rewards, inclusion fees, and MEV. SNC provides solo validators and supports various liquid staking (LSD) protocols, such as Swell, Obol, Diva, Rocket Pool, Lido, and SSV. Through our servers, there is 12 million euros TVL.


“Emerging technologies are disrupting existing business models, society and our workforce. Via various initiatives, I create awareness for the opportunities we have to design solutions that add value and guide us to a future of global prosperity. I’m driven by building meaningful relationships and networks, delivering solutions and facilitating collaborations. Putting ideas into action.

I’m applying successful solutions for human capital, partnerships and funding in organizations, with a passion for technologies, social impact and sustainability.

I’m very positive minded and execute on the opportunities I spot. As a social entrepreneur, I love communities and co-creations.” 

– Rudolf van Ee –