My name is Rudolf, a social entrepreneur by heart.
I have created many business solutions and love communities.

Applying successful solutions for human capital, partnerships and funding in organizations, with a passion for decentralized technologies and sustainable solutions.

  “Emerging tech, like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, are disrupting existing business models, society and our workforce. Via various initiatives, I create awareness for the opportunities we have to design solutions that add value and guide us to a future of global prosperity. I’m driven by building meaningful relationships and networks, delivering solutions and facilitating collaboration. Putting ideas into actions.”



  • BCNL Foundation (Stichting Blockchain Netherlands) is thé community for blockchain, web3 and crypto related startups/scale-ups in the Netherlands. 
  • AIX21 (REC4IT)  helps web3, blockchain and crypto projects and companies to scale by connecting partners, investors and top talent } 
  • { Smart Node Capital is an Ethereum (ETH) Proof-of-Stake service provider } 
  • Aircastle is a Web3 agency }




Email: rudolf@rec4it.com

Telegram: @rudolfvanee